Streaming Data to Zenoss Cloud

Streaming Data to Zenoss Cloud


Learn the skills required to use the Zenoss Cloud API to publish models and metrics to Zenoss Cloud


The course is delivered online by a live instructor, and includes live demonstrations of product functionality. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and to interact with other class members.

Z Credits

Six (6) Z Credits can be redeemed for this registration at checkout.


2 Days


Programmers, system and network administrators working in a DevOps environment.

Zenoss Cloud Users
Zenoss as a Service (ZaaS) Users
Zenoss Service Dynamics (ZSD) / On-Premises Users


Please note that this is a highly technical course. To be successful, participants should have at least basic skills in these areas:

  • Linux CLI – ability to move around the file system, manage files and run commands.
  • Programming or scripting – experience with Python or shell scripting is ideal but is not required.
  • Zenoss Cloud dashboards and Smart View.

Setup Requirements

To participate in the training, you must be able to connect to the training lab
( via SSH.


  • Introduction
  • Streaming Data Exporters and Agents
  • Zenoss Cloud API Keys
  • Introduction to the Streaming Data API
  • Models and Metrics, Dimensions and Metadata
  • Sending Data to the API Using the Shell
  • Visualizing Streaming Data Using Zenoss Cloud Dashboards
  • Sending Data to the Streaming Data API Using Python
  • More about Dimensions and Metadata, Zenoss Cloud Smart View
  • The Zenoss Cloud Metric Dictionary
  • Introduction to Streaming Data Policy

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