Troubleshooting - Zenoss Under the Hood

Troubleshooting - Zenoss Under the Hood


Learn to prevent and troubleshoot issues in Control Center and Resource Manager. Topics include the data pipelines in the Resource Manager product and how to investigate each step in the path, along with guidance to get the most out of your support interactions.


This course is intended for administrators who have had three to four months of experience in maintaining the Zenoss platform. It expands on Zenoss Platform Administration I Training.

The course is delivered online by a live instructor, and includes presentations and demonstrations of product functionality and troubleshooting techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and to interact with other class members.

This course is a single full-day session with a one-hour break for lunch each day.

Z Credits

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8 hours


Zenoss Administrators


Setup Requirements

To participate in the training, you must be able to connect your browser to


  • Control Center Functional Review
  • Interacting with Containerized Services
  • Resource Manager Architecture
    • Modeling Pipeline
    • Performance Metric Pipeline
    • Event Pipeline
  • Diagnosing and Mitigating Event Floods
  • Understanding the Heartbeat Event System
  • Best Practices
    • Monitoring Control Center
    • Managing Backups
    • Common Pitfalls
    • Subscribing to Updates
    • How to Submit Support Tickets
    • Latest Features

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