Using Python with Zenoss: the JSON API and More

Using Python with Zenoss: the JSON API and More


Learn how to leverage your Python skills with Zenoss Resource Manager. This class covers the many ways in which a Zenoss administrator can solve problems, enrich, and automate their monitoring experience by writing code. The three main subjects discussed in this class are ZenDMD, the Resource Manager JSON API, and event transforms.

This class is recommended for Zenoss veterans/power-users or DevOps engineers with working experience in any object-oriented programming language (Python preferred) who want to learn how to leverage their scripting skills with Zenoss Resource Manager.


The course is delivered online by a live instructor, and includes hands-on lab exercises and live demonstrations of product and API functionality. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and to interact with other class members. Each participant is provided with access to a Zenoss training instance (hosted by Zenoss) for the duration of the class.

For sessions held in US Central Time (CST/CDT), this course is held in a single full-day session with a one-hour break for lunch. For sessions held in Central European Time time (CET/CEST), this course is held in two half-day sessions. See the schedule below for times and dates.

Z Credits

Three (3) Z Credits can be redeemed for this registration at checkout.


8 hours


Zenoss Resource Manager administrators, developers, and DevOps engineers

Zenoss Cloud Users
Zenoss as a Service (ZaaS) Users
Zenoss Service Dynamics (ZSD) / On-Premises Users


A good understanding of the Zenoss application and a working knowledge of Python.

Setup Requirements

Students should have an SSH client and (optionally) have PostMan installed (available from

You will not be able to perform most of the lab exercises without outbound SSH connectivity.

You are welcome to attend the training without SSH connectivity; however, please understand that in this course, most of the lab exercises require SSH connectivity and there are no alternate exercises.


  • Python - a Quick Overview
  • Code Hierarchy
  • ZenDMD - An Overview ...and a long disclaimer
  • ZenDMD - Let’s go Deeper
    • ZODB Structure
    • Things You Should Know
    • Demonstration
    • Device Methods
    • Let’s Do Something Safe!
  • Device Facade
    • Facades and UIDs
    • Adding a Device
    • Checking Job Status
    • Removing a Device
  • ZEP (Events) Facade
    • Creating Events
    • Creating Event Filters
    • Displaying Events
    • Modifying Events
  • How the Resource Manager UI Works… mostly
  • Introduction to Routers
  • Investigating Routers
    • IntrospectionRouter
  • Router Requests via the HTTP(s) API
    • Browser Dev Tools
    • Accessing Routers Using CURL
    • Accessing Routers Using PostMan
    • Accessing Routers Using Python
  • Event Transforms
    • Do’s and Don’ts
    • Contexts
    • Use-cases

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